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The Benefits of Working From Home

25 Sep 2017


Since 2011, I have been running my own business from home. For the first 2.5 years I did this alongside a full time teaching career, but luckily for me, I can now concentrate solely on my business. Today I have been reflecting on the many benefits of working from home - in no particular order:


  • You get to work the hours that suit you which means I have more time for family and friends

  • No need to ask anyone's permission to attend important events such weddings, funerals, time with children, grandchildren or parents!  

  • The daily commute is down the stairs and the only traffic is perhaps the dog if you have one, if not you could get one!!

  • Better sleep because your are not having to travel to and from work! 

  • You are able to go out for a run or head over to the gym in your spare time.  To truly optimise your workout efforts, the Forever F.I.T programs will help you feel cleansed, as well as adding vital nutrients to your diet to ensure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • You get to determine the dress code

  • The money you earn, makes you rich rather than making someone else rich!

  • Breakfast and lunch can be in the garden on sunny days

  • The start up costs are significantly lower than starting a business away from home

  • There are definite tax advantages

  • A far less stress lifestyle is on offer allowing instead I have a fabulous quality of life!

  • Less stress = less snacking! And for those 'sweet moments' I recommend adding our Forever Bee Honey to your tea. It’s a natural sweetener that is perfect to cut out processed sugar from your diet.

If I had to choose three personal qualities a person would need to run a successful business from home, I would choose: personal drive, discipline, and time-management skills.


If you like the sound of working from home and are interested in becoming a Forever Business Owner, click here to find out more. 

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