The key to my success though has always been to make sessions enjoyable!

Kind Words

I work with people from all walks of life – from teachers to nurses and just about everyone in between. People join my choirs or start piano lessons for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to achieve 'something they have always wanted to do'  Others want to develop new skills and some are seeking a new social outlet.   Whatever their motivation, I start by ascertaining what their goals are. Understanding what a person wants to achieve allows me to put a plan in place that is unique to each individual. 

The key to my success though has always been to make sessions enjoyable! I firmly be believe we all have one life and if we are doing something over and above the everyday things that have to be done then it really needs to be FUN! 

Whatever your age and whether you have a little or no musical experience I offer patience, support, kindness and encouragement to everyone I teach no matter how simple or grand those aspirations are. My ethos is centred on kindness and  caring.  I know that when people sing or play the piano endorphins are released and that creates such a positive environment. Don’t just take my word for this; here are some testimonials from some of the amazing people I have had the pleasure to teach:

 "There are no “special” people in our group, but Fiona has that ability to make us all feel special."